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Melbourne’s off-the-plan apartment prices to rise 25pc

Off-the-plan apartment prices in some Melbourne suburbs could go up by as much as 25 percent over the next year as developers adjust pricing amid rising costs and increasing demand, property advisory firm Charter Keck Cramer says.

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Alphington surpasses all other Melbourne suburbs with 65.2% growth over last 5 years.

A diverse mix of Melbourne suburbs have boomed over the past five years as both affluent and affordable neighbourhoods had their property price growth driven by the super-charged COVID price cycle.

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YarraBend Breakdown: A Play-By-Play Of The Alphington Paper Mill Development Site

Developed by Glenvill, 'Yarrabend' occupies the former Amcor Paper Mill site in Alphington, which is within the City of Yarra on a 16.5 hectare parcel of land located on the corner of Heidelberg Road and the Chandler Highway, extending down to the Yarra River.

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